Media & Office Productivity Trainings


Course Overview

This intermediate Mircrosft Excel 2010 training class is meant for students who want to advance their skills set by learning to work with advance formulas, lists, and illustrations students will also work with charts and advance formatting including styles.

Course Content
  1. Advanced formulas
  2. Using named ranges in formulas
  3. Naming a single cell and range of cells
  4. Using the IF function and the PMT Function
  5. Using the VLOOKUP function and using the HLOOKUP function
  6. Using the CONCATENATE and the proper Function 
  7. Using the LEFT and RIGHT functions
Learning Outcomes
  1. Learn to use formulas and function
  2. Create and modify charts.
  3. Convert, sort, filter, and manage lists
  4. Insert and modify illustrations in a worksheet.
  5. Learn to use conditional formatting and styles.
Who Should Attend?

Management and Non-Management Staff


Course Overview

This course will hone the existing skills of people involved in managing their organization’s communication channels and its reputation, and provide new techniques that can be applied to ensure daily dealings with journalist and media houses will deliver maximum benefit to your organization

Course Content
  1. Government communication in the age of social media
  2. How to create a media strategy 
  3. Strategic-level media management. 
  4. The modern media landscape (plenary) discussion)
  5. Multi-platform digital communication
  6. Media-handling: the essentials
  7. Changing behavior through publicity campaigns.
  8. Learning outcomes
Learning Outcomes
  1. Learn essential media handling skills and how best to deploy those skills to maximum effect
  2. Obtain key insights into what it takes to see your organization through a “media storm” and come out the other side with the organization’s reputation intact and, where possible, enhanced.
Who Should Attend?

Management and Non-Management Staff


Course Overview

The use of computer in organization management of data has a tremendous impact on the way human and material resources are managed.

It has become an important tool in most aspect of data operations and activities of organizations. The computer enhances the processing of data to produce information for decision making.

Course Content

This workshop is designed for human resource managers, personnel officers and other managers whose responsibilities in record keeping and storage require thorough understanding of the use of Microsoft access in their daily management of data, as information for decision making.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify the significance of data as the basis for provision of good information.
  2. Define and identify database as a way of storing system
  3. Apply programming ideas and approaches to their various duties despite their background as non-computer programmers
  4. Microsoft access programming software
Who Should Attend?

Human resource manager’s personnel manager administrative manager and officers inventory manager trainers and other whose responsibility involves record keeping and storage.


Course Overview

To compete and have competitive advantage in the modern business world, organization both public and private must embrace information and communication technology (ICT) resource.

People in the organization used ICT to process sales transitions, manage loan applications, calculate financial analysis budgeting intelligence and analysis customer management enterprise resources planning system etc.

Course Content
  1. Operation of window operations system and related functions
  2. Productivity software and spreadsheet mechanics
  3. Spreadsheet fundamentals
  4. Design and control of spreadsheet 
  5. Financial report preparation
  6. Preparation of bank reconciliation statement
  7. Creating files linking to pivot table.
Learning Outcomes

At the end of the workshop participant will be able:

  1. Use and operate computer system efficiently 
  2. Have an overview of the ICT functions in an organization 
  3. Appreciate the functions of computer application package in office environment
  4. Microsoft Excel spreadsheet application efficiently 
  5. Use MS excel to prepare financial report
Who Should Attend?

Administrative manager and officers inventory manager trainers and others whose responsibility involves record keeping and storage.


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