IT Security & Networking Trainings


Course Overview

Developments in the field of networking an the advent of the internet have no doubt brought about tremendous growth of facilities and capabilities in computing. The enormous tasks which have to be accomplished as a result of networking and interest services call for new skills and competence for professional and managers.

The workshop is therefore designed to equip participants with core information communication and technological skills needed to forge ahead with latest trends in computing.

Course Content
  1. Kind of network 
  2. Component of network (NICs, HUB & switches,
  3. Modem, routers firewalls)
  4. Network operations system and rules/security
  5. Network connectors and cabling
  6. Expanding and upgrading of network
  7. Setting up a PC on network 
  8. Internet: Meaning, features and benefit
Learning Outcomes

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify networks component
  2. Use network operating system
  3. Identify requirement for installing internet and its is administration and use the internet to browse the web site and send emails.
Who Should Attend?

System and network administrators, network engineers, network analysts, senior and top manager in-charge of systems administration and trainers


Course Overview

The effective and efficient network management and user support have no doubt brought about tremendous improvement in productivity of organization that have computer network service and accounting management of usage of network and internet connectivity requires attention of every individual and organization.

The workshop is therefore designed to equip participant with core information and communication technology, skills needed to keep pace with the latest tends in computing.

Course Content
  1. Network management architecture, configuration and fault management
  2. Security management in network
  3. Network management architecture
Learning Outcomes

At the end of the workshop participant will be able to 

  1. Perform and trobleshoot, installation and configuration of network operation system.
  2. Perform post installation configuration (user configuration apply service packs etc.)
  3. Monitor and analyze system performance.
  4. Configure and troubleshoot advanced configuration an power interface; and troubleshoot name resolution and remote connection
Who Should Attend?

Network analyst, senior and top managers in charge of system administration and trainers and those that have attended network Administration workshop.

Senior Leadership & Executive Officer Training Program

Course Overview

This program enables the Senior Leadership, Executive and Non- Executive Officers to develop and manage Information Technology resources, and help them direct, design and implement organizational Information Technology policies. In this course, participants learn everything from security metrics to enterprise security governance to crisis communication to information security law. This is the MOST important training for the Executive teams and leadership to help give them direction, coordination ability and understand the financial and logistics required to be successful at that level. 

Course Content

Below is a list of Courses that will be offered at the Strategic, Managerial and Operational levels.

  • Security Structure and Operations
  • Technology Security Governance & Compliance Planning
  • Digital Transformation (DT): Security Implications
  • Cyber Risk Management 
  • Operational Cyber Resilience (Building & Running Cyber workforce)
  • Building an Incident Management Program
  • Building an Insider Threat Program
  • Managing Operational Threat (Contingency Planning & Operations)
  • Developing a Crisis Communications Strategy
  • Information Security Law
  • Social Engineering
  • External Dependency Management
Learning Outcomes

A fundamental tenet of the Executive program is that students should be able to use their experience and learning in a practical fashion while attending the program. In the practicum, a team of students conceive, develop, and deliver a solution to an information security issue applicable in today’s cyber environment.

Who Should Attend?

Senior Leadership, Executive and Non- Executive Officers

Technical Cyber-Security Training

Course Overview

These courses are intended for the workforces, Civilian Support staff and Service providers. It is aimed at equipping trainees with the knowledge and skill sets to handle Technical Cyber Security issues.

Course Content

Below is a list of specific courses that will be offered under this Training Module:

  • Fundamentals of Technology Infrastructure management
  • Information Security for Technical Staff 
  • Fundamentals of Incident Handling & Response
  • Preventing, Detecting, and Responding to Insider Threats
  • Introduction to Computer Forensics
  • Monitoring, Alerting, Escalation and End-User Notification
  • Reporting and After-Action Review Management
Learning Outcomes

This Program enables you, as a prospective evaluator, to help organizations gain a better understanding of the effectiveness of their established insider threat programs. In the courses that support this Course, you learn how to build an insider threat program and perform an insider threat program evaluation.

Who Should Attend?

Technical Support Staff & Service Providers


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